Jonathan Foote is Back!

A Celebration of Past and Future

Regional, Timeless Architecture

Having regained his health, Jonathan Foote, ARCHITECT, has resumed his practice in Livingston, Montana and Tucson, Arizona. He continues to design  buildings which respect the Regional Vernacular, "walk softly on the land" and recognize the economic impact of 2008, on the construction industry.

Jonathan Foote - Architect

Using his old construction company, ON SITE MANAGEMENT and several spinoffs from OSM, he has developed methods of design and construction which have reduced costs without reducing the quality of his unique design character, old world craftsmanship and environmental sensitivity. Using a cottage industry approach to production, a careful selection of recycled materials and an efficient use of space in even the most elegant and gracious of his projects, he is designing and building cost conscious houses, sensitive restorations and innovative solutions to complex construction problems in the 21st century.

His 50 + years of experience, from his early years of study with the Giants of the 20th Century at the Yale School of Architecture, to his active participation in the coming of age and gentrification of the West, have given him insights into the delicate balancing act required to bring harmony to the rather cacaphonic symphony which dominates the Rocky Mountain West at this time in its history. Dignity can be restored and the old traditions can be merged seamlessly with the more hectic rhythms of the New West if we don't forget from where we came. Our land, our history, our people and our traditions are what make us a very special place. The architecture of the West is the most visible manifestation of that uniqueness.

Lou Kahn used to say, "A material has to be what it wants to be". In my 50 years of architectural practice, I have tried to understand what a material wants to be. I have tried to use materials honestly and have organized them in a way to best express what those who live in them, want to be.

The choreography of building and site starts with the approach and ends with the departure. Like any great piece of music, all the parts connect with each other and the soul of a building grows out of the merger of human spirit with what has gone before, what is now and what is yet to come.

The respect for the regional vernacular weaves its way through every decision during the process of design. The sensitive reuse of old materials and ancient craftsmanship used to assemble them, allows the building to live on timelessly and quietly, as it walks softly on the land.

through the years…

Founder of:
Environmental Design Group
JLF and Associates
On Site Management
Craftsman Builders:
On Site Management, Bozeman MT
Elephant Builders, Bozeman MT

Understatement and light steps on the ground, with old materials, modern life styles, old world craftsmanship… a celebration of past, present and future.